Welcome to CloudX from CamDo!

We’re glad to have you here. CloudX is continually rolling out features to help you capture difficult footage with a simple workflow.

How does it work?

CloudX is a state of the art online platform, allowing you to manage your timelapse camera remotely.

What does that mean?

If you have purchased a CamDo Blink or BlinkX product, you can login to CloudX for remote status monitoring of your devices. Get a daily heartbeat from your device confirming battery life remaining, how full the SD card is, how many photos were taken in the last day, etc. Or just get all that information emailed to you on a daily basis.

If you have purchased the CamDo ShootX camera or UpShot (coming soon), you can also upload your images to CloudX and get updated time lapse videos automatically created!

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Phone: +1 650 353 4568

Sounds great, how do I get access?

With every purchase of a compatible CamDo product (Blink, BlinkX, ShootX), you get 2 weeks free access to CloudX to try it out.

All you need to do is enter your details into the user interface for your particular product (see the instructions for how to do this on our support pages here) and your free account will be automatically created. You will then automatically receive an email with your account details and how to login.

Time Lapse Made Easy
with CloudX

ShootX Camera

Purpose-built timelapse camera. Capture months on one charge or indefinitely with a small solar panel.

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Wireless Sync | Status Monitoring | Cloud storage | Auto Time Lapse Movie Generation

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AI - Coming Soon!

Analytics to count objects and generate reports about trends and changes.

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